We stare at a happy couple in public n feel a pain of loneliness... We spend sleepless nyts thinkin abt the ones we loved n lost... We cry into o ur pillows til our tears r drained.. If Sum1 asks us.. ` WHY R U SAD? ` We jus reply ` I`M FYN, jus a little head ache` wid a fake smile.. Our hrt skip s a beat wen we see the ones we loved evn though dey left us... Every1 in lyf go thru dis period of pain and loneliness.. Wat does dis part of lyf real y teaches us.? The lesson is vry simple, it moulds us into a mature nd a sensible hard person.. &Itz very true!

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Rainbow doesnt come without rain.. Success never come without pain.. Don`t let life to challenge you.. You just challenge the life..

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